We provide for those who have served their prison sentence and are now ready to serve society and the job market, as well as their families. Highly personalized, this ministry provides true beyond-the-bars liberation.

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Phoenix, AZ 85003

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The Society of Dignity After Jail

Arizona has a rate about 42% higher than the national average of incarcerated adults.

We provide referrals and basic needs to recently released prisoners and their families to help them move on from their past mistakes. Support the program today.

Nothing can strip humanity from a person like a spell in jail. It can also deprive their family of hope while that individual pays his or her debt. But we feel that goodness demands our special attention and fundraising efforts for these brothers and sisters. With similar services to those of the Ministry to the Homeless but fewer clients, we can be even more generous with our time and resources. As these individuals strive to reintegrate themselves into society, our other services can provide for comprehensive basic needs, from food and health care to shelter and protection against utility shut-off and eviction.

Join us.