Appointments for Adults


About the Adult Dental Program

Due to the high need in the community for dental care, we provide adult dental care on a lottery basis. The lottery takes place the first Monday of every month.The next lottery takes place Oct. 4, 2021.

STEP ONE: Come to the clinic in person and complete all of the necessary forms that will be given and return them to the Clinic Receptionist.

STEP TWO: Patient candidates will be selected to come to the clinic for a screening. A brief screening visit will help us determine whether someone would be a good fit for the capabilities of the clinic. Usually there will be no x-ray at this visit. 

STEP THREE: After the screening, patients will be selected to move forward with a comprehensive dental exam, including x-rays and other necessary tests. If it is determined that the dental treatment needed is within the scope of services we can offer, a treatment plan and further appointments will be discusses. 

Dental lottery applications will be kept on file for the current month. After each lottery has taken place, patient candidates must enter the lottery again for the next month. 

Appointment Fees

Starting May 17, 2021, each dental appointment will be a flat fee of $25.  Additional lab or material fees associated with a treatment (dentures, partials, root canals, crowns, bridges) will be discussed with you, along with your treatment plan. No treatment will begin until you completely understand the treatment plan and fees required.  

Our Mission

The mission of the Adult Dental Clinic is to help our patients:

  • Be free of pain
  • Be free of infection
  • Be able to chew reasonably well
  • To look esthetically reasonably well

Children (age 18 and under) can be scheduled for appointments by calling 602.261.6842.