02/25/2013—‘St. Vincent de Paul Saved Our Lives’—Program Helps Families Get Back Home

Gregory and Delaha were so excited to move to Phoenix with their 3-year-old sun Marcus. They... Read Story.

01/27/2013—We're Back!

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02/01/2013—Annual Southwest Sale

Our Apache Junction thrift store kicked off its annual Southwest Sale today! Much like last year... Read Story.

02/07/2013—Love is in the Air: Volunteer!

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02/14/2013—Get to Know the Women of Ganamos

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02/14/2013—Volunteering Sweetened by Office Romance

To celebrate February, the month of love, we are dedicating a series of blog posts to... Read Story.

02/15/2013—Bike Program Gives Families Gifts of Transportation and Quality Time

Two families were given the opportunity to build their own bikes through St. Vincent de Paul’s... Read Story.

02/21/2013—Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Can... Read Story.

02/22/2013—Volunteers Help Serve Dinner With A Side Of Love

Vanessa Hernandez and Michelangelo Reyes have been dating for over two years. Vanessa is a pre-... Read Story.


When I think of the crafts of old, I remember the first popsicle stick birdfeeder I brought home... Read Story.