Staff & Guest Reflections

The difference one bra is making for a woman on the street

When a new bra slid across the counter and into Sandra’s hands at St. Vincent de Paul’s... Read Story.

Events & Announcements

Family Dining Room reopens for dine-in

As the tablecloths came out and the kitchen aromas wafted into the... Read Story.

View of the Possible

Foster's Outriders Litter Brigade offers employment opportunity for shelter residents

It’s a bright, sunny morning in the Valley. As many people are just sitting down for their... Read Story.

View of the Possible

Bella's bike from SVdP helps her explore

For a little while, 11-year-old Isabella, who goes by "Bella," felt left out. After completing... Read Story.

Love in Action

Retired engineer gives back repairing bikes

In the back of a noisy workshop, with a child-size bright green bike hanging up on the rack,... Read Story.

Events & Announcements

Will your used (or new) bicycle change a life?

Last year brought in more than 1,200 bikes, but all it takes is one to make all the difference... Read Story.

Love in Action

17-year-old donates 250 Nikes to SVdP guests

A pop of orange color showed up everywhere at St. Vincent de Paul as guests... Read Story.

View of the Possible

Finding peace, serenity, and a bed of his own

St. Vincent de Paul’s founder... Read Story.

Love in Action

She saves every note from our shelter

Inside a clear sleeve for an ID card, Louise carries every single inspirational note she’s... Read Story.

View of the Possible

Former shelter resident Pamela Holland is living the RV life with her new love

On the small patio outside the travel trailer where Pamela Holland, 62, lives with her partner... Read Story.