We run a comprehensive free dental clinic that provides treatment and preventive care to children and adults without insurance and inspires thousands to healthier hygiene every year. 

420 W. Watkins Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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    8a-4:30p, Fri 8a-3p
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The Society of Kids' Smiles Protected

54% of kids suffer from untreated cavities.

With 6,284 appointments completed last year, we are improving smiles every day. Care is ongoing and we could really use preventive donations!

There's more to our Dental Clinic than meets the mouth. Untreated dental problems can have devastating effects on one's overall health—and self-esteem. Working with local schools, we identify children with serious dental needs along with the inability to address them. For these kids, we provide comprehensive treatment plans that include teaching them oral hygiene skills. Thanks to the help of volunteer dentists and dental professionals, we're able to provide adult dental services as well, ranging from cleanings and fillings to extractions and denture fittings.

Children's Dental:  Please call our clinic to schedule an appointment. At this time, we are unable to treat walk-in patients. 
Adult Dental Lottery: Due to the overwhelming need for adult dental services, our appointments for adults are on a lottery basis to ensure fairness. To enter the lottery, please read this information sheet carefully, then complete this online application.

Join us.