Dental Care

Our dental clinic provides a wide range of services for people without dental insurance. Read below to learn more about becoming a patient at our clinic and getting an appointment. 

Dental Care for Adults

Due to the great need for dental care in the community, adult dental care is provided on a lottery basis. We screen potential patients before starting treatment to ensure that the dental needs are within the scope of our services. 

The mission of the Adult Dental Clinic is to help our patients:

  • Be free of pain
  • Be free of infection
  • Be able to chew reasonably well
  • To look esthetically reasonably well

Adult Dental Lottery

For more information please call 602-261-6842 or 602-261-6827. Basic dental services like cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, etc. can possibly be provided under the dental lottery. 

You will receive a call if you have been randomly selected for a screening appointment.

Para información en español por favor llame 602-261-6842 o 602-261-6827.

Appointment Fees

Each dental appointment will be a flat fee of $25.  Additional lab or material fees associated with a treatment (dentures, partials, root canals, crowns, bridges) will be discussed with you, along with your treatment plan. No treatment will begin until you completely understand the treatment plan and fees required.  

Emergency Appointments

If you are not a patient of record at the clinic, you can still be seen on a space available basis to have a dental emergency treated on a one-time basis. We do not do fillings or root canals in the Emergency Clinic, but typically only extractions to relieve pain and infection. The charge for an extraction is $60.

Due to the great need in the community for dental services and the limited appointments available, we are unable to reschedule appointments.

To schedule an Emergency appointment, please call 602-261-6842 or 602-261-6827. 

Dental Appointments for Children

We provide comprehensive dental care and orthodontics for children. If you are seeking treatment for a child patient (ages 3 to 18), please call our clinic at 602-261-6842 or 602-261-6827 for more information. We accept patients with no insurance as well as those with some AHCCCS plans. 

Need additional support?

Contact our partner agency 2-1-1 Arizona for more services.