It takes a Society of One Million committed people like you to serve everyone who needs help. The Society starts with you.

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15 powerful programs spread throughout Central and Northern Arizona need new help all the time.

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    Every day the menu of hope changes, and the ingredients to create a well-fed population change.

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    Whether dressing for success or out of distress, clothing is less about covering than discovering.

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    Your donated furniture and clothing will go directly to a family in need or sold at a great price at a thrift store to fund other programs.  

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    Our clinics work year round to help families in need. Help us give them a great present: good health and a smile.

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Our service area includes Central and Northern Arizona.

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Today's top volunteer needs

We are the Society of Where There’s a Will There’s a Million Ways.
That means all we need is your will and your desire to make a difference.

Kitchen Crew

Our central kitchen prepares more than 3,500 meals a day. The meals are distributed to our five dining rooms and other nonprofits. Duties include opening cans, dicing vegetables, and making sandwiches.

Dining Room

Help us prep meals and items for distribution to guests. Duties include food prep, sorting items, cleaning and greeting guests. 

Join us.