Endowment Campaign

Ensuring St. Vincent de Paul is here for all of us today and tomorrow. 

A community institution like St. Vincent de Paul must not only meet today's needs but also be prepared and sustainable for tomorrow.

Growing St. Vincent de Paul's endowment allows us to strive for a campus and operation ready to meet future need, but it also protects the strides we take together as a community in expanding our services—because Common Ground is about more than buildings and physical space. 
Common Ground is also about the work that happens in those spaces, and ensuring that St. Vincent de Paul can continue to uplift the most vulnerable for generations to come. A Common Ground endowment gift is an investment in supporting the work St. Vincent de Paul does far into the future.
Homelessness. Hunger. Poverty. These challenges remain societal constants. As long as they exist, so must St. Vincent de Paul.


Our vision must be bold and our efforts fearless

The future of our ability to support our community lies in our determination and collective action today. Our goal is to emerge with a $100 million endowment in cash and commitments on our 80th anniversary in 2026. 

With your help, St. Vincent de Paul will be here for all those who need us to lift them back up

For all those without a safety net to keep them from falling short or falling at all

And for all those who seek a place to feel hope and happiness as they encounter the best parts of humanity and themselves in service to others.

We invite you to consider how we can do this together. How your gifts and talents, your passions and dreams for our community can help create the common ground we all need and deserve—not just today, but for generations to come.

Join the campaign

Start a conversation with our Legacy & Gift Planning Manager Donna Rodgers about how you might leave your legacy.

Naming Opportunities

Ensure our executive team has the support and resources required to lead our efforts to feed, clothe, house, and heal our community.

Create a named position to support the work of our clinic leaders to provide care for those most in need.

Demonstrate support for the leaders of key SVdP programs. 

How do endowment gifts work?

Get all the ins and outs on endowment gifts and how you can leave a legacy of kindness and compassion through St. Vincent de Paul.

Looking for forms?
Letter of Gift Intention

Use this form to provide the details of your gift. St. Vincent de Paul will be sure to honor your wishes. Click here.

Naming Opportunities PDF

Here is a printable document outlining naming opportunities for both the Common Ground Capital and Endowment campaigns. Click here.