Tour de Paul

There are a lot of needs to serve in the Phoenix area, and sometimes the full magnitude gets lost even on us. In order to better educate, we host tours that meet at our main campus, at 420 W. Watkins Rd., and will show you the nuts and bolts behind your favorite non-profit (or soon to be). If you're interested, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you to schedule a date. Call 602.261.6841 if you have any questions.

Located on our main campus are our food bank, kitchen, family dining room, clinic, urban farm and administrative offices. Ozanam Manor, our shelter for people over 50 or with disabilities, is across the street, at 320 W. Watkins Rd. 

Register for a Tour

A St. Vincent de Paul Representative will be in contact to confirm a date and time, as well as find some information to better tailor the tour to your interests.