04/07/2013—Asked & Answered

The moms of Ganamos have been hard at work. They have been creating, learning, and…answering questions. Each week the moms answer a series of questions about life concerns, business pursuits and hopes for the future. Here is a small glimpse at their concerns and viewpoints.


Q: What do you think the biggest obstacle will be when introducing your product to the public?  
Mariza: English, being able to translate the vision.  
Socorrocito: The largest obstacle will be having money in the bank to buy supplies.  
Xochitol: Knowing how to manage the website. Finding what area would be best for clients to find, see and like my products.  
Maria: The biggest obstacle will be figuring out who will buy my products and who will I market to.  

Q: What concerns you the most about where your life is headed?  
Maria: What concerns me the most is my financial situation and the present economy and being able to obtain credit and pay bills.  
Sorrocito: What concerns me is having a bank account and keeping good credit.  
Xochitol: My concerns are about managing money long term and short term. I am concerned about being able to provide everything in life for my children. I would like to have money in hand to take care of them now and money saved for their future.  

As I'm sure you'll attest, these would be concerns for anyone starting a new business. But as the moms will soon discover, finding answers to these concerns will be what drives their success.