Well, it's week 13 and it's time to cue the music and dust off your cameras because its graduation time! Certificates, smiles, kudos and congratulations; it does not get any better this. They made it! That's right, the moms of Ganamos have gone the distance. They have learned, created, and learned some more. They have planned and created an online business in 13 weeks. It was a large task indeed but the moms handled it with grace and determination. What a great feeling to accomplish your goals! To the moms I say Congratulations on a job well done and I wish you much success in your business endeavors. The Ganamos project has been deemed a success, but the burning question remains... what did the moms think of the experience?

Q: What did you think of the Ganamos Project? What did you like most and what did you like least?

Xochitl: I like what I have learned and that we prepared a business and are ready to sell.
Socorro: The thing I liked most about Ganamos was how things were explained and how we were taught to make Dream Catchers and necklaces.
Mariza: I liked everything. The entire project was good.
Maria: I liked everything. They had great ideas. I enjoyed everything, especially how to create an ETSY account and all of the ideas to motivate us.

Well, there you have it, straight from the Ganamos moms. The project was a success. Check out the moms on ETSY and check out the St Vincent De Paul website for updates on the Ganamos project.