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Hope in Dolan Springs

Dolan Springs' local food pantry serves more than 600 residents a month making sure to keep everyone well-fed!

In the quiet, little community of Dolan Springs, Arizona, a line of cars starts to form long before the sun shines on the desert. They're lining up to get food boxes from their local St. Vincent de Paul

The boxes have all the essentials and more, with enough food to last around five meals per person in a family.

"It impacts my life big time," said Panzy Johnson, a local resident. "If it wasn't for this, we'd all be hungry. I pick up for two other people and we need it so badly."

Even though Dolan Springs may be a humble area, that doesn't keep its local Vincentian volunteers from having an extreme passion for serving the community and making sure everyone has a bite to eat at dinnertime. By the end of each month, more than 1200 people and 600 families get food from the Dolan Springs SVdP.

Watch the inspiring video above to get the full story!