With the help of volunteer physicians, nurses, medical professionals and through our partnerships with local diagnostic services, this remarkable medical clinic provides care ranging from the treatment of acute illnesses to chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The Society of Healing the Whole Person

It's estimated that over 232,000 children in Arizona don't have access to medical care.

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Delay in quality care can end up turning a treatable or chronic illness into a medical emergency. That’s why we turn our donor dollars into ramping up our care and staff all the time. Our goal is to be prepared, stay prepared, and address patients’ needs early. With a focus on preventive care, our evolving medical clinic treats adults and children while teaching them about proper nutrition, exercise and other habits to maintain healthy lifestyles for themselves and for their their families. In fact, teaching is one of our core beliefs at the clinic: We partner with local medical schools and residencies to train and help create tomorrow's healing elite.

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