Hearts and Hands Combines Fun, Volunteerism

Families Help Others Through Arts and Crafts Projects

On the first Saturday morning in June, hundreds of people sat at our Family Dining Room in our main campus. They were not eating. Instead, they sat drawing, gluing, and working together to create various crafts just in time for Father’s Day and Fourth of July.

The Hearts and Hands events add a very important dimension to our “Feed, Clothe, House and Heal” mission: love. On the first Saturday of each month, school-aged children and their families spend time at our main campus learning about our organization and the importance of philanthropy through fun arts and crafts projects.

“As an opportunity for children and adults to learn the value of volunteering, Hearts and Hands is an event which combines creativity and service,” said Norma Carrillo, the program coordinator.

Norma, who plans the event and takes volunteer on a tour of our campus after each session, said Heart and Hands is a great way to remind the people we serve that they are loved and they matter.

Our guests, who receive these decorations and cards with heartfelt messages on them, feel encouraged and cared for, Norma said.

People of all ages are welcome to participate in Hearts and Hands. Specific projects, of a higher difficulty level, are available for teenagers, and adults can become Project Leaders. These volunteers are an essential part of the program, and are ideal for those with mentoring or teaching experience.

“Hearts and Hands participants come together to remind the individuals we serve here they are not faceless people to us,” Norma said, “and that even the smallest of hands can create a great amount of love.”

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