The Wings of Freedom

An Ozanam Manor resident receives an extra special surprise

The Wings of Freedom

Ozanam Manor resident, Joyce, spends her free time volunteering in the Resource Center. Joyce has medical issues and limited mobility making it difficult to get around. The Resource Center staff noticed that Joyce labored to move her wheelchair, dragging it with one foot. Always with a big smile and open arms, Joyce never complained about her health or challenges with volunteering.

To show their appreciation and support, the SVdP staff immediately set out to locate a better functioning chair from our St. Anne’s Medical Equipment Loan Closet. An electric scooter was found and after an assessment by our bike repair team, a new battery was purchased.

Today, we surprised Joyce with her new chair! It was an emotional moment, and she kept exclaiming that now, "she had wings!"

The power of human kindness will make your day!


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