Current campaigns

Your financial support allows us to meet the growing need in the community and continue to feed, clothe, house, and heal support those in need.

Urgent Needs

Help meet the most urgent needs in our community

Media Drives

There are no media drives at this time. Check back soon to see all of our media drives.

Support SVdP Programs
Woman holding a small dog

Companion Animal Program
Give back to man's best friend.
Provide much-needed care for companion animals.

Woman and young boy outside of an apartment getting a food box

O'Brien Fund
Help working families survive unexpected setbacks 
and get back on their feet.

dentist cleaning the mouth of a young boy

Dental Clinic Coffee Crusade
You can be the reason someone 
smiles today!

Man holding keys outside of a new apartment

Ozanam Manor
Help SVdP provide shelter to seniors, veterans, and vulnerable adults.

Corporate Drives

Check back soon to see all of our corporate drives.