09/16/2013—APS Labor of Love

Until the end of this month, Arizona Public Service (APS) is helping St. Vincent de Paul in our mission to feed, clothe, house and heal families in need by pursuing a “Labor of Love.”


APS will donate $1 for every customer who registers his/her account online. And they’ll donate an additional $1 for those who opt into paperless billing.

Their goal is to donate $20,000 to St. Vincent de Paul. $12,000 has been raised so far. We need your help to reach the goal! You can help visiting www.aps.com/love today!

Money donated through APS will help support many programs...
Last year, we distributed 1,157,926 meals in our dining rooms. We served 24,171 people in our ministry to the homeless. We sheltered 145 people at our Ozanam Manor Transitional Shelter. We transformed 40 homes in our Vincentian Fresh Perspectives Program. We served 266 individuals and families in our Homeless Assistance and Prevention Programs. And we held 14,537 visits at our medical and dentist clinic.

There are still so many people out there that need our help. We're thankful for companies like APS who make it easier to do what is needed.