Phoenix food truck owners pose for photo with SVdP Urban Farm staff.

Food Truck Garden Launches at Urban Farm

Despite high summer temps, Jayson Khademi, co-owner of Saffron Jak, a local Phoenix food truck, spent many mornings volunteering in St. Vincent de Paul’s Urban Farm. It was during this time, he and SVdP resident gardener, Tony Kasowski, hatched a plan to create a new partnership that will allow local food trucks to feed their clients and the homeless with produce grown in our farm.

The partnership will allow each food truck owner to grow fresh produce in a raised garden bed. By working with our staff, they receive seasonal growing tips and education about locally sourced produce. In addition to a monthly rent to cover the cost of supplies, each food truck will donate meals to help us feed those who are homeless.

Jayson Khademi, co-owner of Saffron Jak food truck

“I thought this would be a great way to connect with the community. Because that’s what St. Vincent de Paul is all about – feeding the homeless and connecting with the community. So what better way than to have six or seven food trucks that are out there every day, to talk about where our produce comes from,” says Jayson.

As this pilot program kicks off, we are currently partnered with five food trucks – Saffron Jak, Emerson Fry Bread, Luncha Libre, Frites Street and Rock A Belly.

Loren Emerson, owner of Emerson Fry Bread, is renting two raised beds. For Loren, this partnership is about connecting his work with his family and his community. 

“I want to be more self-sustained. I want to be able to feed my family and my community with our food trucks. You always have to give back.” 

SVdP’s Urban Farm grows and harvests hundreds of pounds of fresh produce every week. These fruits and vegetables are then used in our kitchens and added to food boxes to feed families in need. 

If you’re interested in joining us in our work, the farm is always looking for volunteers and donations, whether service or material. Visit our Urban Farm page to learn more, or sign up to volunteer!

Planting in the raised beds