Using permaculture and chemical-free methods, we grow and harvest hundreds of pounds of fresh produce every week. These fruits and vegetables are used in our kitchen and added to food boxes for families.

The Society of Growing Food and Harvesting Wellness

All of the fruits and vegetables go straight to our central kitchen to be incorporated into daily meals. 

There are many families who count on us for meals. Help us feed our hungry neighbors with a monthly donation.

The Urban Farm Program began in 2012 at St. Vincent de Paul with the installation of our first urban farm at the Human Services Campus in downtown Phoenix. Since then, the program has grown to encompass three urban farms throughout the Valley. Each farm is tied to one of our five dining rooms in Maricopa County. The farms support our dining rooms and central kitchen that feed thousands of food-insecure, low-income, and homeless populations each day with fresh produce. 

The farms provide volunteer opportunities and access to educational enrichment for the community. Each farm also incorporates spaces where the community can relax, reflect, and take in the healing energy of the environment. Whether you are looking for a place to serve, learn or engage through internships our Urban Farms are the place for you.  

In partnership with the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation and Arizona State University’s Walton Sustainability Solutions Services, we created an educational guide for those who wish to create social impact through urban farming. Download the guide to learn how you can plan and engage the community in your urban farming program.


Learn more about our urban farms around the Valley: 

Rob and Melani Urban Farm

Human Services Campus Farm

Mesa Urban Farm

Join us.