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How she is getting a better life for her children

A mother of three, Jasmyne loves her children more than anything in the world. Unfortunately, circumstances have made it very difficult for her family. She came to Arizona to stay with a cousin, but things deteriorated and she found herself living out of her car with her children. 

"It was very depressing," Jasmyne said. "Especially when you have a two-year-old that asks a lot of questions... she's just looking at me. And I don't like that feeling."

It all changed when she made a simple phone call to SVdP.

She was forwarded to SVdP's social work department, who was able to help her find a house and get approved for it. Not only that, they gave her name to the SVdP Home Furnishings Program, which furnishes homes for people just off the street so they can rest in their home instead of spending their first several paychecks paying for their bed.

Her children were ecstatic about the new place and started planning how they were going to organize and decorate their room as soon as they saw the new place. It's also Jasmyne's first apartment entirely in her own name.

"We have to be thankful to be a part of this moment," said Norma, SVdP's Mission Advancement Outreach Officer. "Seeing her face. Being able to help a family, especialy the kids. It's just amazing."

The SVdP Home Furnishing Program series is brought to you by SVdP's Bruce Cooper and Chris Peterson. 

Help more people move home

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