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Steven Sage

SVdP helped a single father as he stayed strong for his sons

Tragedy struck the Sage family four years ago: Steven's partner and the mother of his four children passed away. 

After this devastating loss, Steven needed help so he moved from Colorado to the Phoenix area, where his mom lives. 

"They ended up having to leave Colorado for a fresh new start, and they came to Arizona," said Sister Jessica Ramirez, the Sages' case manager in SVdP's Social Work Services. "Unfortunately, when they came to Arizona, things didn't get any better.

They weren't able to find housing during the move and the family had to enter shelters, then a van. The trouble with housing compounded with a recent injury, making matters worse. All the while, though, Steven stayed strong and kept his family together.

"I just try to stay strong for my boys and make sure they what they need."

That's when Steven's cousin told him about an organization that could help him: St. Vincent de Paul.

When the case managers in SVdP's Social Work Services heard his story, they knew they needed to help him and made an emphasis on getting him housed quickly, especially since it was the holiday season.

Sister Jessica worked hard to make sure he had a place and the Sages' were able to move into their new home before Christmas, which means they had a home for Christmas day.

"We were blessed by St. Vincent de Paul helping us out with getting into a place," he said. "I'm just trying to get back on my feet. They're giving me a head start."