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Homelessness Prevention

To prevent families from having to experience homelessness, plus the emotional trauma and “life recovery” challenges that go with it, we provide one-time assistance for rent, mortgage and utility bills.  

The Society of Roofs Over Hard-Working Families

For those living paycheck to paycheck a medical emergency or loss of a job can often lead to crisis. St. Vincent de Paul helps make sure that crisis does not lead to homelessness by providing direct assistance to our neighbors in need. We work with other agencies to co-fund utility assistance to help keep the power on, especially in the dangerously hot summer months, and rent and mortgage assistance to help families avoid an eviction. In recent years, the Valley has faced an affordable housing crisis meaning there are more families than ever reaching out to SVdP for support. Once a family becomes homeless or has an eviction on their record it can be very difficult to break that cycle and regain their stability. Through our various services we target our one-time family assistance for those who have the potential to regain self-sufficiency in a relatively short amount of time.

By the numbers

$7.14 million
in rent and utility assistance distributed
average amount a low-income household living paycheck-to-paycheck needs to avoid homelessness during a crisis.
average household income for those we serve


Through our Homelessness Prevention Program and over 80 local churches throughout Arizona, individuals and families in need can submit assistance applications and get support paying their rent, mortgage or utility bills. SVdP works with both individuals and landlords to ensure families are able to stay in their homes.

Our Social Work Services program provides wrap-around support for individuals and families facing housing insecurity and in danger of experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet. Guests work together with a dedicated case manager to identify their barriers to housing and work on achievable goals to help them find stable housing. The Social Work Services team also works in conjunction with other SVdP programs to ensure that when someone is ready to move into their own house or apartment that they have the support they need through rent payments, deposits, furnishings from our thrift stores, and more.

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