We provide travel assistance to nonresidents who find themselves stranded, in crisis situations, in the Phoenix area. Through an intake process, our volunteers ensure that clients have housing or jobs available before they are sent home. We believe that being with family or friends is always better than sleeping on the streets. 

320 W.Watkins Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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The Society of Helping Stranded People Get Back Home

Last year, we ended the homeless experience of 607 people by helping them return home.

We provide transit to those stranded in the Phoenix area. Donate today to provide transportation home.

There's no place like home, but for far too many people, there's also no place that can seem farther away. It's heartbreaking to be stranded with no means to rescue yourself, and we see too many people in this situation every day. We offer them immediate food from our pantry and shower facilities to feel like a real person again, then set to devising the best way to get them back home. One way or another, through cooperation with the client's support system or using funds that generous donors have made available to co-fund transportation vouchers, we make what can be a lifesaving reunion a reality.  

Join us.