Community food drives and donor funds feed an amazing, giant-scale collection and distribution warehouse, where our quality control staff inspects and processes truckloads of donated food every day before it’s sent to our kitchen and food pantries.

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The Little Food Engine that Can

468,000 Families are in need across central and northern Arizona.

There are many families who cannot afford a meal. Help us feed many of those with a monthly donation.

Our Food Reclamation Facility is equal parts community compassion and process engineering. No good food goes to waste. Over 6 million pounds arrive at our warehouse every year, donated by community food drives and generous grocers, and all items are cleaned, sorted, and measured against the strictest of quality control standards. From there, it’s sent off to one of our 5 dining rooms, or packed and shipped out to our food pantries. Over 400,000 food boxes are delivered through home visits and other charitable organizations. And these aren't any ordinary food boxes: Beyond the necessities, we try to include surprises that make our recipients smile. With your help, we can deliver more.

Join us.