COVID-19 Update

We’ve pivoted some of our programs in order to maintain social distancing while continuing services. If you need help, read through our program FAQs for the most up-to-date information. Read through our COVID-19 Response to learn more about how you can help with our relief efforts.


We operate a remarkable network of over 80 "home bases," parish-based service centers that send trained volunteers on home visits to deliver food boxes and assess (and address) other immediate needs.

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The Society of Home Visits When Times are Tough

1,000,000+ People need help feeding their families.

These families have trouble making ends meet and getting back on their feet. We can't feed them without the consistent generosity of our donors. Donate Today.

At St. Vincent de Paul, we feel that the risk of quick fixes, however well-intentioned, does not outweigh the benefit of quality interaction and intervention. That’s why our home visits, where trained volunteers bring a box of food to a home in need. This "love in a box" can be a powerful tool to help our clients and their families get back on track. Rather than drop a food box on their doorstep and move on to the next need, we visit, with intensity, depth, real-life advice, encouragement, a prayer, and when we have enough funds, critical resources. That’s where our donors come in.

Join us.