Housed on our Watkins campus, our Ministries programs provide a safe haven for families and individuals in need of help. Homeless guests are welcomed with showers, clothing, shoes, counseling and referral services.

320 W. Watkins Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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The Society of Making the Homeless Hopeful

About 200 guests visit our Resource Center every day.

Help us meet the day to day needs of Arizona's homeless. Schedule a pickup today to help keep us stocked with the essentials.

When we meet our homeless guests for the first time, their mood, often colored by too many years of bad luck, is met with compassion, motivation, and creativity. With one-on-one intake interviews, where volunteer case managers use the guest's situation as a jumping-off point. And by getting them identification, job training, education and job placement. Self-sufficiency is a difficult return trip to make for people experiencing homelessness, especially for those who were recently incarcerated. As these individuals strive to reintegrate themselves into society, our unique, systematic plan provides in-house and referral services to meet their basic needs, from food and health care to shelter and protection against utility shut-off and eviction. 
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