Make a New Year’s resolution to help the community alongside SVdP!

How volunteers, guests and donors are making community-minded resolutions this year

The new year has finally come and its time to make a difference! 

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the upcoming year. Often you hear of resolutions that focus on personal self-improvement, whether it is challenging yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle, saving more money or taking up a new hobby. But St. Vincent de Paul hopes you might consider making a resolution to help your community this year in addition to any personal resolutions you make. Might you consider putting some of those fresh-start, new-year intentions toward helping other people in need?

SVdP invites you to take the leap and try it! We have so many opportunities to volunteer and give that we hope you’ll make SVdP part of your community-minded New Year’s resolution. We already have many of our volunteers, guests and community members on board. Read some of their community-minded and personal resolutions below.


Sylvia Munoz
Food Reclamation staff member

“My New Year’s resolution is to volunteer more with SVdP by giving my time and coming in to help twice a week.”


Edmond Lawrence

“This year, my resolution is to continue to grow in my faith, which means volunteering and giving more to SVdP and other similar organizations.


Laura Matthews
Resource Center staff member

“My New Year’s resolution is to win the lottery so I can help both myself and the people here. I also want to challenge myself to be healthier so I can continue to work with SVdP because I love the work done here and helping others.”


Candace Miller
Volunteer in the kitchen

“My resolution this year is to be healthier and eat less sugar.”


Grace Torres
Founder of Giving with Grace and volunteer at Phoenix Dining Room

“My New Year’s resolution is to organize more events and continue to work with SVdP to reach more people who need the help.” 


D.P Killgo
Volunteer (requested not to be pictured)

“My resolution is to continue to feed more individuals and families.” 


Bob Gilson
Volunteer in Food Reclamation (requested not to be pictured)

“My resolution is to be less judgmental and more compassionate.”


Give a Chance at a Fresh Start

On an average day, we serve about 200 walk-in guests, who need basic services ranging from showers and clothing to counseling and job referral. Your gift powers our programs as we provide vital support to those who are struggling. 

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