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The end of a seemingly endless struggle

“It seems like it’s forever. Like there’s no end to it,” Shauna said about her time on the street. 

Fortunately, she found SVdP, which she said is the closest thing she had to family the entire time she was on the street. SVdP helped Shauna, not just over the course of her 5 ½ years on the street, but alsoto bring her "neverending" time on the street to a final close. 

The social workers in SVdP’s Resource Center helped her get housing, then the Bringing Hope Home program furnished her new house and teamed up with the transportation department to deliver it, extra important because of a disability Shauna has. 

While choosing the furniture, Shauna ran about the store, smiling and laughing. Now she’s thriving on her own, and we couldn’t be more proud of her. 

"I'm just so grateful for something most people take for granted everyday," she said.

The SVdP's Home Furnishings Program series is brought to you by SVdP's Bruce Cooper and Chris Peterson. 

Help more people move home

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