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SVdP helped welcome her and her family to their new home

Reeling from a divorce and losing their home, Veronica and her kids were on the streets, bounding from shelter to shelter. 

She was desperately searching for a way off the street when she found SVdP. The case workers in the Resource Center helped Veronica find a home for her family, then referred her to the Bringing Hope Home program so she could also have her home furnished when they move in. 

Now her kids have a soft place to sleep. When they moved in, Irma Leyendecker, one of the founders of the program, gave Veronica a placard reading “Welcome Home,” signifying the new life she had just come into.

"If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have what I have now" Veronica said, referring to Irma. "I'm really, really, really thankful for having her in my life and in my kids' lives."

The SVdP's Home Furnishings Program series is brought to you by SVdP's Bruce Cooper and Chris Peterson. 

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