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Shelter and Transitional Housing

St. Vincent de Paul's shelter and transitional housing programs not only offer a bed for those experiencing homelessness, but a path to find home again.

The Society of a Bed Today, a Home Tomorrow

When people are at their lowest point and have lost their housing, St. Vincent de Paul is there to offer not only a bed, but a path to find home again. We operate shelter programs ranging from emergency weather relief to transitional housing, which aim to get people out of the elements and connected to services. Our shelters meet people where they are at. Beyond providing daily essentials in a dignified, compassionate and caring manner, we offer workforce readiness opportunities and programming to overcome income insecurity, substance abuse and both physical and mental health obstacles to housing. Whether people have lived on the street for years or are suddenly experiencing homelessness, SVdP promises a safe place to rest while regaining stability and a system of support to end homelessness.

By the numbers

shelter nights provided to individuals actively working to permanently end their homelessness
of transitional housing graduates remain housed one year later
Ozanam Manor residents transitioned from homelessness to housing
Washington Street shelter residents transitioned from homelessness to housing


Named after the founder of St. Vincent de Paul, Ozanam Manor is our transitional housing program with 60 beds for seniors, veterans and adults with disabilities–a population that continues to fall into homelessness as fixed incomes struggle to keep pace with medical needs and rising costs. A dormitory-style shelter, each resident has their own bed and dorm area while living in community. They participate in group activities, have access to life courses, volunteer and meet one-on-one with case managers to work toward independent living, stabilizing health and moving into a home of their own.

With 260 beds, the Washington Street Shelter serves as a pipeline to housing with intense wraparound services to end homelessness in its direct neighborhood and downtown. Each resident’s bed is their own until they secure housing. Open day and night, the shelter provides three meals a day, showers and basic needs, while also connecting residents to case management, mental health support, substance abuse services, as well as workforce readiness and volunteering opportunities. The program welcomes people ready and willing to get off the street and rediscover stability and life as a productive citizen again.

St. Vincent de Paul has the distinction of being a leading partner in opening and operating The Washington Street Shelter, which is set to be the model on which additional shelters will be based as the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County aim to decentralize homelessness services. 

St. Vincent de Paul partners with the Human Services Campus to turn our daytime dining room into an overnight shelter for up to 275 people. Extreme heat or bitter cold can be life-threatening for people living on the street.

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Volunteer Opportunities

At SVdP, 95% of our workforce are volunteers-like YOU. We believe that we can accomplish more when we all do it together. Thank you for sharing your skills, time, and heart with us. Thank you for being part of the family.