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Workforce Readiness and Job Opportunities

St. Vincent de Paul's workforce readiness programs create transformational systemic change, teach servant leadership, and help those in need get back on their feet.

The Society of Opportunities and Purpose

St. Vincent de Paul is well-known for working to Feed, Clothe, House and Heal those in need; offering compassionate person-to-person care; and serving the most urgent community needs. Did you know that our mission also includes offering meaningful interactions through the opportunity to serve? 

This opportunity to serve is also extended to our guests experiencing homelessness. The result is a healing space of belonging where everyone shares their gifts and experiences their value, and there is no distinction between serving and being served.

Our innovative Workforce Opportunity Programs create transformational systemic change and teach servant leadership to our guests. SVdP engages in several initiatives that overlap the arenas of workforce development, self-sufficiency, apprenticeship, education, and personal and professional growth. 

With the right opportunity and support, our guests are engaged, inspired, activated and connected to a higher purpose. 

Our Workforce Opportunity Programs set up participants to achieve their full potential in the community and permanent sustainability.

By the numbers

AARP back-to-work employees at SVdP in 2022
Litter Brigade members since the program began
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Since February 2021, the Neighborhood Brigade has been a staple in our Workforce Development efforts. This program provides an opportunity for those experiencing homelessness to contribute to the cleanliness, beauty and dignity of the local community while earning money and experience toward self-sufficiency. Residents of SVdP’s Ozanam Manor transitional housing program and Washington Street Shelter become SVdP employees when they enlist in this Good Neighbor litter pick-up program. The crew maintains good relations with the folks next door, keeps our campuses welcoming, and creates a sustainable income for themselves. 

This program for people aged 55+ helps low-income, unemployed individuals find employment. The program matches members with opportunities for community service and on-the-job training to help build skills and experience that lead to permanent employment and greater self-sufficiency. Participants receive supervised training at SVdP through a part-time community service assignment and are compensated by the federal government.

A sense of value and community connection are just two of the gifts provided by the opportunity to serve. For many individuals experiencing homelessness, they may not have been invited to be “a part of” for a long time. Being included in the mission and given a specific role can help lift someone up, reminding them that they have purpose and worth and they belong. SVdP's Workforce Opportunities Program sees volunteer service as a first step on a path toward renewing one's spirit and dignity, while learning a new skill. 

Through this grant-inspired program, people experiencing homelessness may become committed volunteers on the SVdP campuses, earn financial initiatives, and learn to stick to a schedule. They receive training and mentorship from staff and navigators that help keep them on track to overcome personal barriers to employment and housing. As they relearn self-sufficiency and self-worth, their goals are sustainability and permanent housing through employment and/or other supports. 

The Job Search and Skill Building Program is the heart of our Workforce Opportunities Program. This program is for individuals actively seeking full time or part time employment, education and/or training, support with a resume, support with obtaining documentation, or support with getting items needed for work. All participants are assigned a Service Navigator, who provides mentorship and connects guests with community resources, monitors their progress, and intervenes to help remove barriers and minimize delays toward goals. Ultimately, participants work toward the goal of sustainability and permanent housing.  

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