Our Response to COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, St Vincent de Paul continues to feed, clothe, house and heal--particularly those who are most vulnerable. 

We are adapting our daily work to practice social distancing, as directed by federal and state agencies. This unprecedented, ever-evolving time requires us to shift our service model from one that primarily utilizes a volunteer labor force and personalized face-to-face service to one that can meet basic needs while also best maintaining social distancing in order to protect the health of our guests, volunteers, staff and the collective community. We are pivoting our services, like providing packaged meals to-go in our dining rooms, limiting the number of guests at one time in our Resource Center, and providing telemedicine in our clinic as appropriate. 

The health and safety of our guests, volunteers, staff, visitors, and partners have always been our top priorities. We are accustomed to working with a vulnerable population and having regular health department inspections for our food services and health clinics – thus, we are also used to taking the utmost precautions. We have increased our cleaning, access to hand sanitizer, more signage and verbal reminders to wash hands and to minimize personal contact.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will update protocols as needed. We are grateful for your understanding, care and partnership as we adapt and respond to community needs. Thank you for supporting our mission to feed, clothe, house and heal Arizona. 




Some questions you’ve been asking:

Do you still need volunteers?

- We’re limiting the number of volunteers at this time to protect the health of our guests, staff and volunteers. There will be some volunteer opportunities for specific needs as we adapt our program procedures. If you’d like to be added to the list of on-call volunteers, please email volunteer@svdpaz.org with “Here to Help” in the subject line. You can also call 602-261-6886. We’ll be in touch as needs arise. 


What else do you need?

Monetary donations are needed at this time, as we continue to keep services in operation, modify how we serve and prepare for the need that is coming. We know that the need will significantly increase in the coming weeks and months as families cope with income disruption and require rent and utility assistance, additional food support, etc., to help us prevent additional homelessness in our community. With your help, we will do everything in our power to continue to meet the needs of neighbors in our community.

- If you’d like to drop off food, clothing and sanitizing supplies, you may do so during regular business hours at our main campus: 2120 S. 3rd Drive. Phoenix, 85003. 

- You can also purchase and mail our most needed supplies through our Amazon Wishlist.

- Volunteer at home! For more information about projects you may be able to do on your own or within your family, please check out this Volunteer From Home Guide or reach out to Shawn Donnelly, sdonnelly@svdpaz.org or 602.850.6942. 

- Attention Hearts and Hands volunteers! You and your family are invited to help us from home in the first-ever occurrence of Hearts & Hands from Home! To get started, check out this Hearts and Hands from Home Guide. When you’re done, drop-off your crafts by May 9 at 2120 S. 3rd Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85003. We’d love to see your pictures and selfies from home with your completed projects, so please share them with us in our new Hearts & Hands Facebook Group. Are you joining in Hearts and Hands from Home and need to get credits for school? Please contact Norma Carrillo at Ncarrillo@svdpaz.org prior to completing your project(s) so she can give you more detailed instructions and answer any questions you may have.


How else can I help?

- In ways big and small, join us to choose kindness over fear. Learn more about our ALL IN campaign and how you can join us.  


St. Vincent de Paul has been serving Arizona for nearly 75 years. We have weathered many storms, and with the support of our community, we fully expect to weather this one as well. 

Let's not forget that we are The Society of We’re All in This Together. While we can't be together in close proximity, we can continue to be together in the spirit of compassion and care for one another. Imagine in the coming weeks, a community empowered by kindness—one where we call an elderly neighbor, leave a carton of eggs for the next shopper to come, share a smile as we pass each other at a distance, or offer a bit of our surplus to someone living with less. Now, more than ever, let's be ALL IN on kindness and ALL IN to support each other. 

Thank you for believing in our mission and for demonstrating your kindness, partnership and generosity in creating the world we all want to live in. Remember to take care, stay strong and keep faith that together we will see this through.


Join us.