Here are some answers to the questions we hear about volunteering for St. Vincent de Paul. If you have any questions please contact Volunteer Services at 602.261.6886.

Q1.  Is SVdP currently accepting volunteers?
A1.  As the state and country begin to reopen, St Vincent de Paul is beginning to bring back our volunteers – in a very careful, controlled, and intentional way. We are taking the utmost care to try to keep those we love – our guests, staff, volunteers, and friends – away from the virus.

For now, we are asking our volunteers and friends that may fall into higher risk categories, who may be more vulnerable to the virus should they be exposed, to stay safe and not return just yet. We don’t yet have specific dates, as we’re closely following the regularly updated and often changing regulations and CDC recommendations.


Q2. Will things look the same as they did before the pandemic?
A2.  As many of our services are being carried out in a different way, and we are doing all we can to follow physical distancing guidelines, we will have much fewer volunteers at one time than we did before the pandemic. Please understand that this will not be a quick process, and it won’t look like it did “before.” Times and duties may look different than volunteers are used to. We are creating a new normal, one that is flexible and may continue to change. Our top priority is to do our part to keep our guests, volunteers, staff, and friends as safe as possible and to mitigate the spread of the virus. 


Q3. Where does SVdP need the most help right now?
A3.  We do have a handful of shifts where we have needs, and are beginning to schedule volunteers who are in lower risk health categories. We are currently scheduling a small number of volunteers in our Kitchen, Food & Clothing Bank, and Urban Farms. Please let us know if you are in a lower-risk category and would like to be scheduled in one of those areas.


Q4. What can we all do to try to stay safe while volunteering?
A4.  What will be universal across the organization is that volunteers will be asked to adhere to the same safety precautions and protocols as the rest of our staff – for example, wearing masks (covering the mouth and nose!) and having their temperature taken. The “SVdP COVID-19 Safety Precautions” (spanish) outlines these procedures and expectations in more detail. 


Q5. Can I volunteer from home?
A5.  Yes please! We anticipate this new program of “virtual volunteerism” to continue indefinitely. We are so grateful for all the wonderful ways you all have helped from afar. If you’d like to run a community drive, complete our interest form here. For more information about other “Helping from Home” opportunities, please contact Shawn Donnelly at


Q6.  How can SVdP help someone who may be struggling financially due to COVID-19?
A6.  Please reach out to us! For utility assistance please call 602.850.6948 or for food or rental assistance please call our Care Center at 602.850.6777. We are here to help and will do our best to connect those in need with the best possible resources for their situation.