Here are some answers to the questions we hear about volunteering for St. Vincent de Paul. If you have any questions please contact Volunteer Services at 602.261.6886.

Q1.  Do I have to complete an application every time I want to volunteer?
A1.  No, you only need to submit one application.  A Volunteer Coordinator will contact you, in 2-3 days or less, to discuss your selection, your availability and schedule you for an opportunity to serve.


Q2. Can I select more than one area to volunteer at, or do I have to fill out a separate application for each area?
A2.  Yes, although our form only allows one choice, you are free to tell your Volunteer Coordinator of other opportunities you are interested in. You only need to submit one application. A Volunteer Coordinator reviews your application and contacts you to discuss your availability. He/she will schedule you for each opportunity and will confirm your Volunteer ID number which you will use to check in/check out when you arrive. 


Q3.  Is there additional information I need to know about volunteering, other than my Volunteer ID number?
A3.  Yes.  Once you are scheduled, you will be sent a Confirmation email, Waiver and Map to the location. The email confirms the date, time and location of your opportunity, along with information on checking in/out, proper attire, and basic duties. Sign the Waiver and bring it with you on the day you volunteer. Turn it in to the area manager. The Map provides driving directions to the location where you will be volunteering. The email also explains what to do in the event of an emergency which prevents you from keeping your commitment with us. 


Q4.  I don't see the area or location listed where I want to volunteer. What should I do?
A4.  It's possible the event is overbooked and temporarily closed. We recommend that you select any opportunity, but enter a note in the "comment section".  Submit your application and one of our Volunteer Coordinators will contact you to discuss other options with you. 


Q5.  Is the Volunteer Services Office open on weekends?
A5.  Our hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:30pm.  Our office number is 602-261-6886.  We are closed weekends and most holidays.


Q6.  What if I only want to volunteer during the holiday season?
A6.  Due to the large number of volunteers who want to help during the holidays, we prefer that you contact our office directly by phone at 602-261-6886.  Since our holiday volunteers are NOT required to complete an application, they are processed immediately via phone or callbacks.


Q7.  I volunteered about 6 months ago.  Do I have to submit another application to volunteer again or on a regular basis?
A7.  No, you only need to submit an application one time and your information remains in our system.  Just contact your Volunteer Coordinator direct and ask to schedule another volunteer opportunity.


Q8.  I volunteered with a group from work, but would like to volunteer by myself.  Can I just use my group's volunteer ID number? 
A8.  To avoid scheduling problems, you must request a separate volunteer ID number.  Use your volunteer ID number when you schedule a volunteer opportunity as an individual.  When you volunteer with your work group, schedule under the group's ID number.


Q9.  My son has to complete community service hours for school. Can he complete volunteer hours at your organization?
A9.  Yes, of course. He can start the process by completing and submitting an online application. It will route to a Volunteer Coordinator who will contact him (or you) to schedule a time to complete his hours. We can also provide a Completion Letter for his school hours.


Q10.  I received a ticket for a traffic violation and the Court mandated that I serve 10 hours of community service.  Does your offer service hours?
A10.  Yes, we do, however, "Service Fulfillment" volunteers are required to attend an Orientation Class held on our main Campus. The Orientation is offered every Tuesday and Thursday.  Two classes, each day, at 9:30am or 12:30pm.  You receive a one hour credit for attending the Orientation which is applied to your community service hours, mandated by the Court. Bring your court paperwork, including your Case#. Upon completion of your hours, we provide you with a completion letter. You can pick up the original copy of this letter from our office at 420 W Watkins, Phoenix AZ  85003 or the original can be mailed to your address.