COVID-19 Update

We’ve pivoted some of our programs in order to maintain social distancing while continuing services. If you need help, read through our program FAQs for the most up-to-date information. Read through our COVID-19 Response to learn more about how you can help with our relief efforts.


Our programs strive to Feed, Clothe, House, and Heal deeply and meaningfully. 

One visit at a time.

The visit, as a symbol, an emblem, a blueprint for effective action, is central to who we are as an organization.  

The visit, in the home, across the Valley, and a thousand times a day in each of our dining rooms, ministries, and operation centers.

The home visit, which lays the welcome mat for our philosophy of service, as volunteers bring food boxes to a neighbor’s door, but stay, to nourish by their humanity. 

The visit is what gives each program its pride of purpose, as we fight for our constituency with depth, intensity, empathy, and the patience lasting solutions require. 

The Visit, by The Society 

of St. Vincent de Paul

How We Visit


Every day the menu of hope changes, and the ingredients to create a well-fed population change.


Whether dressing for success or out of distress, clothing is less about covering than discovering.


A roof over your head and less overhead (bills!) can be costly but there's no place like a safe home.


Be well. Stay well. Our clinics and health services depend on constant, committed care.

The Visit, by St. Vincent de Paul.